Jelurida issues John McAfee backed Apollo crypto token warning

In a blog post, it flags up "the lack of privacy on the Apollo blockchain"

This past week, John McAfee pumped an ‘all-in-one cryptocurrency’ called Apollo.

However, according to Jelurida, the creator of the Nxt and Ardor public blockchain platforms, this is one to be avoided. “After a close examination of the Apollo software, we feel it is necessary to issue a public warning, in order to prevent Nxt users who have accounts on the Apollo blockchain from being misled that the Apollo private transaction feature actually works, and wrongly assume that their transactions cannot be seen by others,” it says in a blog post.

“The reality is that all transactions on their blockchain, regardless of being labelled private or not, are easily accessible to anyone who downloads the Apollo blockchain, now, and forever in the future, due to the immutable nature of the blockchain.”

The company also took to Twitter to challenge McAfee’s assertion that Apollo is a viable long-term option.

Apollo did not respond to our request for comment.

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