John and Janice McAfee aim fire at The Sun over ‘vicious’ article

"The Sun has truly outdone itself," McAfee tweets

Cyber security pioneer, crypto bull and 2020 US presidential candidate John McAfee has slammed British tabloid newspaper The Sun, after it ran an article on his, ahem, colourful past, including how his former prostitute wife, Janice, once spied on him for crime lords.

Earlier this year, US authorities indicted the McAfees and four members of staff for tax fraud. They are currently on the run and last week the former was released from detention in the Dominican Republic.

Speaking to The Sun “from his tin foil-covered hideout in Lithuania”, McAfee said: “I am John McAfee, the founder of internet security. You must believe there’s nothing that happens electronically that I can’t find out about, I’m the best in the world.”

The Sun then quoted Janice as saying that she spent the first two years of their seven-year relationship passing secrets about her other half to the criminal underworld.

“I had to provide them with information about John and his whereabouts,” said Janice, who, The Sun claimed, met McAfee when he hired her as a prostitute in Miami Beach, Florida, in December 2012. “They wanted me to do things like hide poison in his food and let them in the house where he was staying.”

“McAfee believes the cartel bosses were hired to get information on him by the Government of Belize in Central America, where he used to live with a harem of seven young women,” The Sun reporter Sophie Jane Evans wrote. “He has claimed Belizean officials have tried to kill him – yet the nation’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow has dismissed such accusations, labelling him extremely paranoid, even bonkers”.

“This is what passes for journalism these days”

Somewhat unsurprisingly, all of this did not sit at all well with the McAfees. Their main problem appears to be with the article’s ‘aggressive’ tone and the fact they are portrayed as eccentric conspiracy theorists.

To which we reply, it’s The Sun, guys, what did you expect?

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