John Carvalho vs Roger Ver: Who will win

John Carvalho and Roger Ver have reportedly agreed to "duel" each other to see who will become the rightful owner of

Roger Ver has accepted John Carvalho’s offer of a “duel” to determine who is the rightful owner of

Peter McCormack sent out a tweet after an interview with Ver, commenting: “One thing that came out of this is @BitcoinErrorLog has offered to fight @rogerver for the domain. Roger is interested.”

It didn’t take long before John Carvalho, who works for Bitrefill, confirmed his challenge, tweeting: “ALRIGHT PEOPLE! I have challenged @rogerver to a duel for the biggest prize in crypto,, and he is interested!”

The domain is currently owned by Roger Ver. Ver took control of the domain in April 2014 before leasing it to

He later leased it to OKCoin, but following a dispute with Ver in May 2015, OKCoin announced they would no longer be managing the domain. In June 2015, Roger Ver relaunched the site, dedicating it to helping the Bitcoin network, and despite spearheading the Bitcoin Cash hard fork from Bitcoin in 2017, Ver still owns the domain.

John Carvalho, on the other hand, is a Bitcoin maximalist and famously had a dispute with Roger Ver over the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. A Bitcoin maximalist is someone who believes that Bitcoin is the only ‘true’ cryptocurrency. During an interview, Ver and Carvalho became heated in their dispute, prompting Ver to, in Carvalho’s own words, “rage quit.”

Now it seems the pair are gearing up to do battle again to see who will claim the infamous domain. At the time of writing, Ver currently hasn’t tweeted out a response.

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