John McAfee plans 2020 US Presidential run

Cryptocurrency advocate and cybersecurity expert, John McAfee, a British-born American citizen, has announced he will run in the US 2020 Presidential elections.

In 2016, he failed to secure the Libertarian party Presidential candidacy, losing out to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

“In spite of past refusals, I have decided to again run for POTUS in 2020. If asked again by the Libertarian party, I will run with them. If not, I will create my own party. I believe this will best serve the crypto community by providing the ultimate campaign platform for us,” tweeted McAfee, who in 2015 announced the creation of the Cyber Party, only to instead end up seeking the Libertarian bid.

The tech investor, who insists Bitcoin will be worth $1 million by 2020, has been widely criticised for being linked to a murder case in Belize. He believes cannabis should be legalised, businesses should be permitted to discriminate based on religion, and that the transportation security administration should be dismantled.

“Don’t think that I have a chance of winning. I do not. But what truly changes America is not the President, but the process of creating one. If my following is sufficient I get to stand on the world’s largest stage and talk to everyone, as I did last time, to tell the truth,” he tweeted.

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