John McAfee sensationally backtracks on promise to eat his own penis

US presidential candidate John McAfee has withdrawn his promise to eat his own penis if Bitcoin doesn't reach $1 million per coin, claiming it was just a "ruse" to attract new users

Controversial cryptocurrency influencer John McAfee has withdrawn his promise to eat his own penis if Bitcoin doesn’t reach $1 million per coin, which he initially pledged to do in 2017.

In a surprising tweet, McAfee said that the promise was simply a “ruse to onboard new users” before claiming that “it worked”.

The 74-year-old founder of the McAfee antivirus software went on to claim that Bitcoin is “ancient technology” and that newer blockchains have more potential, highlighting the rise of privacy features, smart contracts, and distributed apps.

McAfee has been an advocate for privacy coins like Monero in the past, which could be a factor in his reported run-in with American authorities over the past year.

Coin Rivet interviewed McAfee while he was allegedly on the run in Eastern Europe in August.

In the interview, he revealed how he “faked a stroke” to avoid deportation to the USA after being held prisoner in the Dominican Republic.

After letting the cat out of the bag in terms of his withdrawn promise, McAfee went on to advertise his bizarre 2020 US presidential campaign, in which he pleads with supporters “not to vote” for him.

While he is often considered a polarising figure in the cryptocurrency space, McAfee has retained a strong following across all social media platforms, with more than 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

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