John McAfee slams US authorities as government closes in

"If I am gone I will not be silenced," he says on Twitter

Cyber security pioneer and crypto advocate, John McAfee, believes that the US government will soon act “in order to silence me”.

“I want you all to know that everything I have done, I have done for the cause of freedom. I want a world in which authorities discover crimes, not manufacture them. A free world,” he told his almost one million Twitter followers this morning.

McAfee is on the run from US authorities who earlier this year indicted him, his wife and four members of his staff for tax fraud.

“If I am physically silenced, my words will continue. I have, over the past two years, prepared over 2,000 short statements covering what I anticipate will happen. If my Twitter is shut down, these statements will be delivered to the press, one at a time. You will know it is me,” he commented.

And he added: “Those who believe I am imagining all this: keep commuting to your offices, spend nine hours in a cubicle, commuting home. Five days a week. For 40 years. Getting your reality from TV, and your opinions from others. You cannot conceive of my life.”

McAfee went on to label the IRS, the SEC, the FBI and NSA “festering pustules on the face of America…Are you angry yet? God Almighty I hope so. I pray for an angry oponent. Think you know where I am – with your spyware and all? LMFAO! I am waiting to document, for the world, your corruption.”

“To my government: you are not America – not our country. You are the custodians of our country. You are servants of the people, who chose you to serve us. F****g act like it!” he declared.

Down with income tax!

In an interview with Coin Rivet during March, McAfee claimed the world didn’t need income tax. In fact, it would be abolished should his run for the White House be successful next year.

“In America, prior to the Civil War, we had no income tax – we survived fine,” he said. “There are a thousand ways to vastly improve our country and our government with no taxes. Road use – we have millions of miles of roads in America. What if we pay based on the use of the roads? Why should someone who never uses them have to pay the same as someone who does a million miles a year? That would generate enough revenue to pay for everything.”

And asked about his presidential campaign and the idea that, although he intends to run for office, he has no intention of being the President of the United States of America, he responded: “It doesn’t matter who is President. Think about it. Even when someone becomes President you lose all of your power – you have thousands of little strings attached to you by members of your party, people who’ve donated and the power structure that already exists.”

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