John McAfee: the end is nigh for trolls and fiat currency

“Of what value will fiat be? World governments have lost. Get used to it,” he tells a Twitter follower

Outspoken crypto advocate, John McAfee, has once again taken to social media to hit out at his many, many internet trolls. And he has also repeated his belief that fiat currencies are doomed.

He tweeted yesterday: ‘I have been blocking my 100k+ trolls at 300 to 400 per day for two months. Conflict is coming. Distributed exchanges will free us from any possibility of control through regulation or legislation. Governments will be powerless. They will react. We have no more time for trolls’.

Mixed response

As is par for the course with the controversial McAfee, his comments split the Twittersphere down the middle. One of his followers asked: ‘How will DEX free us of anything? It implies people won’t use FIAT anymore. If it’s the case, dex or not, the gov can still regulate. So it’s only true if you trade crypto against crypto. If you trade for fiat then no, dex won’t change a thing’.

To which McAfee replied: ‘How can Fiat possibly survive? For the past 11 months all of my cars, houses, services and most else have been purchased with crypto. Within a couple of years how many will be doing the same, or much more? Of what value will Fiat be? World governments have lost. Get used to it.”

Another follower agreed with him to a certain extent, but pointed out that being a crypto pioneer is easy when you’re loaded. ‘You are right Mr @officialmcafee but u need to understand your a leader and u living ahead of time of the ordinary people. The example of @MisterCh0c is very correct the time will come and surely many will do like you, time will come and will prove you right, but not now,’ they said.

Taking on the trolls

McAfee regularly confronts his trolls on social media. In May, he tweeted a link to a poll about him and encouraged people to vote: ‘One of my trolls running a poll that people can vote whether I’m a murderer, schizophrenic, etc. I always try to help my trolls out. You may vote here’.

And in June, he announced: ‘The trolls and haters on Twitter make the most noise. There is no animal on earth that makes more noise than a sheep. Constant bleating – repeating what they heard, what they read, what the media fed them. Come into the light. Into the quiet. See and hear for yourself’.

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