Johnny Depp partners with TaTaTu blockchain platform

The actor is venturing into the blockchain space to develop and produce a movie and digital content through a platform that rewards users with TTU tokens currently priced at $0.13

Johnny Depp is partnering with TaTaTu, a blockchain platform that shares filmographic content.

The actor plans to engage with the venture through his company, Infinitum Nihil, to develop and produce a movie and digital content. The TaTaTu platform is powered by its TTU token which currently trades at around $0.13 with a market cap of $13 million, as tracked by CoinMarketCap.

“In this era of democratised entertainment, I admire the imaginative ethos of Andrea Iervolino (the founder of TaTaTu) and look forward to collaborating in a liberating, progressive manner that will befit the principals of our respective entities,” Depp said about the partnership.

The first project to come out of the collaboration is Waiting For The Barbarians, an adaptation of the J.M. Coetzee novel of the same name.

Depp’s abilities

“Johnny has the ability to conceptualise material in a way that few can, and is unburdened of conventional industry formulas that dictate the projects that get made, traditionally. As we make strides to embrace disruptiveness, Johnny will be a key collaborator with us, and we are tremendously excited to back his visions and instincts on stories to bring to life,” Iervolino said.

Iervolino is a co-founder and the CEO of AMBI Media Group. He announced the launch of TaTaTu in May of this year. Back then, he said the goal was to “to reach one billion subscribers worldwide in six years to become the first premium advertising platform in the world. Eventually, by developing and nurturing a community of dedicated and engaged users, we want to become the largest internet-based social media entertainment studio in the world.”

With a team of over 250 developers, as well as a dedicated blockchain group of experts from around the world, TaTaTu is a social entertainment platform where users can invite their friends via their social media accounts to join and watch and create videos.

TaTaTu’s offerings

“The TaTaTu vision is to offer not only movies and videos, but also music, sports, and games, to become a 360-degree entertainment platform that allows both consumers and content creators to monetise their content, and content viewing, transparently,” Iervolino added.

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