Juniper Research: Blockchain to move into food chain next year

Juniper Research has drawn up a list of tech predictions for the coming year. And, brace yourselves, they haven't included blockchain

We’re kidding, of course. It makes the cut, along with the likes of AI, machine learning and chatbots.

Here’s the full list, with each prediction explained in more detail in a free report and slide set available to download from the company’s website, while a commentary on the slides can also be accessed here.

Adversarial Machine Learning Becomes Key for Security & Fraud Prevention

AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Enhance EDGE Computing Power in IoT Systems

Banking-as-a-Service Economy Emerges

RCS Messaging to Contest Chatbots & OTT Business Platforms

Robotic Process Automation Ramps Up

Voice Assistants Become a Service-Led Market

Automotive OEMs to Disrupt Established Business Models

Blockchain Moves into the Food Chain

Loot Boxes to be Banned Across Europe & North America

Chatbots to Play Central Role in Insurance Claims Process

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