Komodo launches AtomicDEX mobile app

AtomicDEX is the industry's only mobile-native decentralised exchange featuring asset-agnostic atomic swaps

Blockchain company Komodo has announced the launch of the public beta phase for its new AtomicDEX mobile app.

The company claims that the app is the “industry’s only mobile-native decentralised exchange built on anything-to-anything, asset-agnostic atomic swaps”.


The firm – which is currently building a secure, independently scalable, and fully interoperable blockchain – has said that its latest release “represents a generational change in atomic swap technology”.

AtomicDEX is both a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet and a hybrid decentralised exchange (DEX). It is the reference implementation of Komodo’s AtomicAPI, which includes the world’s first third-generation atomic swap tech.

The project raised just under $2 million in its November 2016 ICO. In a tweet, the team said: “After months of internal testing, we are opening up AtomicDEX on Android and iOS for a limited number of beta testers.”

Peer-to-peer trading

While the new service is peer-to-peer, the platform does charge a transaction fee of 0.15% per trade. To solve any liquidity issues at launch, Komodo initially plans to use market makers who will commit to buying and selling large amounts of coins on the platform.

AtomicDEX is compatible with assets including Bitcoin, all UTXO-based coins, Ether, all ERC-20 tokens, and any coin that supports time and hash-locked payments. The firm has said that the test version comes with a dozen coins enabled, and it will add more assets with every new release of the platform.

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