Komodo is in the final phase of its re-launch

After a recent flurry of activity around Komodo, many in the industry have high hopes for the platform's cross-chain atomic swap capabilities

Cross chain atomic swaps platform Komodo is nearing the end of a full rebrand and overhaul of its product and business strategies.

The platform focuses on providing complete end-to-end blockchain solutions for developers of any level and any industry. They do this through the deployment of cross chain atomic swap capabilities to enable a suite of smart contracts and native sidechains that are linked back to its innovative dPoW (delayed proof of work) blockchain consensus mechanism.

“Rather than trying to fight the uphill battle against this enormous would-be foe, Komodo harnesses this power for its own security, turning Bitcoin into its strongest supporter,” explained Twitter commentator CryptoMurmur.

“By using Delayed-Proof-of-Work, Komodo backs up its entire network on Bitcoin every block.”

The Komodo team has also recently announced that the next release of the Agama wallet will support ETH and ERC20 tokens. This will mean that you’ll have the option of storing more than 150 different tokens in your Agama wallet.

Two new strategic advisors

It was also announced today that Dr Sajib Datta and Michael J Toutonghi are both joining the Komodo team. Dr Datta is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, while Toutonghi is a former Technical Fellow at Microsoft and the Lead Developer of Verus Coin.

One of the strongest advantages for Komodo is its atomic swap technology. The team has been conducting atomic swaps on its blockchain since 2014. Over the years the KMD team has been developing technology that allows blockchains to communicate with one another. BarterDEX is the decentralised exchange (DEX) technology utilising decentralised order matching and cross-chain atomic swaps. 


Some people have primarily understood Komodo to be a privacy coin, atomic swap platform or a place to conduct decentralised ICOs. While all of these descriptions are accurate, none of them fully encompasses the breadth and depth of Komodo.

At its heart, Komodo is about bringing interoperability to the crypto ecosystem. A recent example is Zaddex.com, which will be launching a hybrid DEX. They commented “we believe it’s hands down the best tech platform around”.

“As other projects launch on Komodo, they can also choose to collaborate and contribute their own enhancements back to the community, in whole or in part. It’s a perfect example of the positive feedback loop a thriving open-source community can create”

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