Korea’s largest job search platform uses blockchain to verify applicants

Blockchain technology is now being used in South Korea's largest recruitment company, SaraminHR, following a partnership with ICONLOOP

Blockchain firm ICONLOOP has teamed up with Korea’s largest job search platform, SaraminHR, to implement a blockchain technology solution in the recruitment and staffing sector in South Korea.

Earlier this year the two companies signed an agreement to build and promote a blockchain-based decentralised identity (DID) ecosystem and related services.

SaraminHR currently provides recruitment and staffing management services. With ICONLOOP’s DID, SaraminHR aims to further enhance the credibility of job applications and recruiting processes by introducing three new features to its job search platform: Final Candidate report Forgery Protection, Certificate Forgery Prevention,and Offline Test Attendance Verification.

First, the Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention feature enhances the security and transparency of job qualification exams and interview scores. After a candidate takes a job qualification exam and completes interviews, all scores are immediately and permanently recorded on a public blockchain network.

Second, the Certificate Forgery Prevention feature first requires all applicants to download and use ICONLOOP’s Zzeung mobile application to verify their identity.

Then, the applicants can upload and link all their official certificates such as college diplomas and transcripts to their identity by using ICONLOOP’s digital certificate app called BROOF.

Through this process, the credibility of the applicants’ certificates are improved. In addition, applicants can conveniently submit verified certificates to various companies.

Lastly, the Offline Test Attendance Verification feature ensures no cheating is happening on physical test sites. Applicants are required to use ICONLOOP’s VisitMe mobile application to check in to offline test sites, which uses QR codes for a quick and convenient process.

ICONLOOP and SaraminHR plan to open the features sequentially until December, starting with the Final Candidate Report Forgery Prevention feature in September.

“I am confident that the values ​​of reliability, transparency, and stability presented by blockchain will have a great impact on the recruitment market,” said Kim Jong-hyup of ICONLOOP. “You will be able to feel practical convenience through first-hand experience.”

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