Kriptomat launches world’s first gamified blockchain rewards program

Cryptocurrency exchange Kriptomat has launched the world's first gamified blockchain rewards program known as the 'Dragon Riders of Kriptomat'

Government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange Kriptomat has announced the release of the world’s first gamified blockchain rewards program.

This new experience will allow users to play games of chance, collect blockchain-based assets, craft collectibles, and acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be used across 20 different video games.

The loyalty program, known as the ‘Dragon Riders of Kriptomat’, operates on the Enjin platform and uses the ERC-1155 standard that was recently adopted by Ethereum.

Srdjan Mahmutovich, CEO of Kriptomat, said: “We are thrilled to lead the charge when it comes to adopting blockchain for rewards because we honestly believe that on-chain tokens are the most advanced form of digital asset in existence.”

The Kriptomat rewards program means that users can store blockchain-based assets securely forever.

It provides users with the ability to trade their assets for fiat or cryptocurrency and will also save them money on trading fees.

“Our team always strives to advance personal sovereignty, economic equality, and social equity by building community-centric platforms that offer transparency, opportunity, and self-governance to all who use them,” says Mahmutovic.

“This rewards program is another one of our innovations that will prove to the general public that blockchain is the future of digital proprietary.”

The rewards program is Kriptomat’s first step toward creating the enterprise rewards platform Reewardio.

Entrepreneurs and businesses across all major markets will soon be able to create customised versions of the Kriptomat rewards program and adapt it to their individual needs.

Interested in reading more about the ERC-1155 token standard? Discover more about the multi-token standard being officially adopted by Ethereum.

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