Las Vegas poker rooms will not open when lockdown lifts

The Wynn Hotel on the Las Vegas strip will open its doors this month but they will not be allowed to host poker tournaments or cash games due to health warnings

Revenue of the Las Vegas strip has fallen by 46% since the lockdown came into effect earlier this year, with pressure now on to re-open casinos to tourists and local residents, although it’s not good news for Las Vegas poker rooms.

However, with the USA remaining at the top of the pile when it comes to coronavirus cases and deaths, the re-opening may not be as smooth as first hoped.

According to Bloomberg, the Wynn will re-open but it will not permit guests to play live poker, with tournaments and cash games being cancelled.

This may come as a shock to professional poker players and dealers residing in Las Vegas, many of whom have been out of work since the lockdown began.

It’s worth noting that the Wynn tried to persuade local authorities to allow poker games being played, with precautions being listed in a 28-page health and safety document, but that wasn’t enough for local officials.

In some countries poker rooms have successfully re-opened, with Kings Resort in Czech Republic opening its doors earlier this month alongside guidance on how players should behave in light of the pandemic.

While some table games in Las Vegas like blackjack and roulette will be allowed, craps will also be heavily monitored as it typically brings in large crowds with players also using the same set of dice.

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