Last Christmas: A look back at the top 10 cryptos and where they are now

This might be painful viewing for some, but let's take a look at how the top 10 coins were performing last Christmas compared to this one

We all know that the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Here, we look at the Christmas top 10 from last year compared to the coins currently sitting in the top 10 this year. The data gathered is from CoinMarketCap on December 24th 2017, compared to the current top coins at the time of writing. Without any further ado, here’s the list:

1.) 2017: BTC – 2018: BTC

Bitcoin retains its place as the number one, which should come as no surprise. Last year, Bitcoin’s price was valued at a whopping $14,057.19 compared to this year’s meagre $3,832.37. This marks a drop of 72%, which likewise shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to anybody, given the year the market has had.

2.) 2017: ETH – 2018: XRP

Ethereum is no longer in the second spot, with Ripple having overtaken it in terms of market cap. Ethereum has seen a decline of just shy of 85% since last year, with Ripple having only dropped by about 66%. However, the change in places stems from Ethereum’s market cap dropping by 83% whereas Ripple’s has only seen a decline of 64%.

3.) 2017: BCH – 2018: ETH

Ethereum may have lost its second-place ranking, but it’s still clung on to third. Bitcoin Cash has seen a price drop of a staggering 96%, whilst its market cap has also fallen 95%. So, it’s no surprise that BCH has lost its third-place ranking.

4.) 2017: XRP – 2018: EOS

Ripple has had a relatively good year, climbing from fourth to second (if any cryptocurrency can be said to have had a ‘good year’). EOS ending the year in the top 10 is a great step up from last year, when they were only 12th in terms of market cap. However, even though it climbed up the rankings, its price is down by roughly 67%, and its market cap has seen a fall of approximately 47% in the last year. This highlights just how tough the year has been in the cryptosphere.

5.) 2017: LTC – 2018: XLM

Litecoin no longer sits in fifth place like it did last Christmas. Stellar has taken that honour this year. The price of LTC has fallen by roughly 88% and its market cap is down by approximately 87%. Even though Stellar’s price has dropped by nearly 46%, with its market cap also down by 42%, it has managed to rise in the rankings from 13th to 5th.

6.) 2017: ADA – 2018: BCH

Cardano has seen a price drop of over 90%, with its market cap plummeting at a similar figure over the last year. This has cost Cardano sixth place in the market cap rankings, with the token now 11th. Bitcoin Cash meanwhile has slipped from third to sixth place.

7.) 2017: MIOTA – 2018: USDT

IOTA has lost its seventh place ranking this year, sinking to 12th following a significant 91% drop in price, with the market cap falling by a similar figure. Tether, meanwhile, has seen an impressive rise from 29th to 7th within a year. Its price has only marginally decreased by just shy of 3%, whilst its market cap has grown by nearly 48%.

8.) 2017: DASH – 2018: LTC

Dash has seen a dramatic drop in price over the year, falling around 93%, and its market cap is down by roughly the same percentage. While Litecoin has dropped from 5th to 8th, Dash has fallen from 8th to 15th.

9.) 2017: XEM – 2018: BSV

NEM was positioned at ninth last year, whereas this year it finds itself at 16th. NEM has lost 92% of both its price and market cap over 2018. Bitcoin SV is, of course, a new entry for this year. It was created following a fork in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain two months ago, and has gone straight in at ninth in the market cap rankings thanks mainly to an airdrop to BCH owners after the fork.

10.) 2017: XMR – 2018: TRX

On Christmas Eve last year, Monero found itself in 10th in terms of market cap. They couldn’t maintain their place in the top 10 this year though, dropping down to 13th, with Tron moving into the top 10 instead. The price of Monero has dropped by about 85% over the year, with the market cap falling at a similar figure of around 84%. Tron’s price has dropped by about 62%, however they’ve managed to move up eight places from 18th.

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