Latest EOS price and analysis (EOS to USD)

The price of EOS has been trading sideways over the last 24 hours and is currently sitting at $5.27

Latest EOS price commentary

The price of EOS has been trading sideways over the last 24 hours and is currently sitting at $5.27. This follows a massive upwards spike earlier in the week that lifted prices by more than 200%.

Following this rally, the price of EOS and other prominent cryptocurrencies are now moving in a positive direction, with a few minor corrections.

EOS volume has increased considerably over the past few days by around 100% and is now currently sitting just above $3 billion. If this trend continues, we may be officially over the longest bear market in the history of cryptocurrency.

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About EOS

The EOSIO platform was developed by private company and released as open source software on June 2nd 2018. One billion tokens were distributed on the Ethereum blockchain by EOS is based on a white paper published in 2017, and the CEO of (Brendan Blumer) announced it will be supported with over $1 billion.

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