Latest Monero price & analysis (XMRtoUSD) 12/9/18

Monero price down 15% in September so far

The latest Monero price is US$99.70. Today (12/9/18 11:24) the price has fallen by 5.81%, during this week by 4.63%, during the month by 15.01%. Monero has seen its price tumble every month since May 2018. September is set to replicate that pattern with a 15% drop so far.

Monero is not alone in this downward trend – during August the Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation lost $27bn in value.  From a high of US$330.48 in December 2017 Monero is trading at around $99 (at time of writing). In fact, Monero is not far from its October 2017 price of US87.60 which preceded a massive growth in values during the last two months of 2017.

Monero: XMR/US$ 99.01

  • One day down by 5.81%
  • One week down by 4.63%
  • One month down by 15.01%


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Latest Monero price

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About Monero

Monero is well established and has been around since 2014. Proof of work is used (similar to Bitcoin) as a method of authenticating transactions and mining new coins. Monero features transactions where it cannot be seen who the originator or recipient is. Privacy is a key USP of Monero where payments are hidden. This has raised questions about what kind of transactions are being carried out using Monero.

Monero is one of the largest cryptocurrencies and is one of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.

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