LATEST NEWS: Roger and out! Ver claims victory is as easy as ABC for BCH brand

He also calls on Calvin Ayre to "come back and support the best tool we have to bring economic freedom back to the world" CEO Roger Ver is claiming victory for the ABC chain over the BCH brand, with a video announcement cementing the end of the Bitcoin Cash fork war.

He credited the support of the ‘builders’ in the Bitcoin Cash community for “choosing ABC as the winner”.

In a ‘technically’ interesting move, users who send non-split tokens of BCH to Kraken will be credited with both forks, as long as there is not a contaminated UTXO set that has a taint of an SV-only mined block.

This is possible due to the fact that there is no-reply protection between the competing implementations. People have suggested it but, in this staring contest of who blinks first, you always want the other side to declare you the victor.

The respective chains of BCH and BSV require 15 and 30 confirmations to be deposited. At the current hashrate pace that equates to approximately 2 hours 20 mins for ABC and 4 hours 40 min for the SV network.

Last week Coin Rivet brought you the story of how Bitcoin ABC released an upgrade to defend against 10 block reorg attacks. This was a move we predicted would help give confidence to exchanges to open up withdrawal and deposits for ABC chain.

Many other leading exchanges are also crediting users with both sides of the fork but are more cautious with opening up – especially for deposits on the SV chain.

A few days ago, Calvin Ayre was willing to “call on all exchanges, wallets and payment processors to work with us on this win/win settlement plan” for the SV chain.

Come back, Calvin

Meanwhile, in this latest YouTube offering, Roger Ver said Ayre, “has been on the wrong side of things recently” but then went on to praise him as “one heck of an entrepreneur – he knows how to gets things done”.

He also asked Ayre to “come back and support the best tool we have to bring economic freedom back to the world (BCH)”.

The latest action at now puts SV with 27  blocks ahead. When comparing accumulated proof of work (for longest blockchain), ABC still has 25% more but SV is catching up fast with a dominant share of the current hash rate of 2.5 vs 1.6 EH/s .

Most crypto price comparison websites have now started listing both projects. Any ongoing dispute will be settled on the leveraged trading markets or maybe even GitHub.


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