Latest TRON price & analysis (TRXtoUSD) 12/9/18

TRON price crashes by 32% in September so far

The latest TRON price is US$0.0172. Today (12/9/18 13:22) the price has fallen by 6.73%, during this week by 9.93%, and during this month by 31.98%. TRON has seen its price drop every month it’s been trading this year (June 2018 onward). Every month has seen double digit percentage falls and September is set to replicate that pattern with a 31.98% drop so far.

TRON is not alone in this downward trend – during August the Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation lost $27bn in value. TRON has not been in the Top 10 for a couple of months but it remains one of the largest cryptocurrencies. From an opening high of US$0.06361 in June 2018, TRON is currently trading at around US$ 0.0172 (at time of writing). In fact, TRON has lost over 70% of its value in 4 months.

TRON: TRX/US$ 0.0172

  • One day down by 6.73%
  • One week down by 9.93%
  • One month down by 31.98%


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About TRON

The TRON Protocol is pitched as “one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offering scalable, high availability and high throughput support that underlies all the decentralised applications in the TRON ecosystem”.

An ICO campaign took place in September 2017 and raised US$70 million. The coin is called the TRONix (TRX).

TRON is one of the leading cryptocurrencies. Whilst its not in the current Top 10 it has featured during 2018.

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