Laurence Fishburne highlights the benefits of blockchain on TV show

Renowned actor and director Laurence Fishburne recently shone a light on blockchain technology during an episode of Behind The Scenes

Renowned actor and director Laurence Fishburne recently discussed the benefits and potential global impact of blockchain technology on his TV show Behind The Scenes with Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne is one of Hollywood’s most seasoned actors, having played roles in major film franchises such as The Matrix and John Wick as well as various TV roles in shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Hannibal.

Fishburne is currently the host of Behind The Scenes, which aims to bring more widespread attention to some of the many issues that affect modern society.

During a recent episode, the show focused on blockchain technology and how it could be used to disrupt industries and solve worldwide issues.

Fundamentally, a blockchain is a ledger that records all transaction data to provide transparency and trust. While its use first gained attention in the cryptocurrency space, it has since gone on to be utilised in a range of industries for multiple different use cases, such as tracking supply chains.

Another key aspect of public blockchains is decentralisation, which is where the network is not governed by a singular entity that holds all the power.

Traditional institutions and companies are inherently centralised, often having privilege over user data. With blockchain, data can once again be stored and controlled by its owner.

A press release for the episode reads: “Now, blockchain technology is being used in many different fields aside from just cryptocurrency. These changes are impacting the competitive landscape of the global economy, changing how information is shared and stored.”

A clip from the episode has also been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed below.

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