Lawrence Nahum joins Blockstream as chief architect

Blockstream has announced that Lawrence Nahum will be joining the team as work progresses on the Liquid sidechain

Lawrence Nahum has joined Blockstream to manage engineering efforts across Liquid and the Blockstream explorer.

As part of Nahum’s role, he will also continue to improve the company’s GreenAddress apps. Lawrence has been with the Blockstream team since 2016, when they acquired GreenAddress.

“I am very excited and honoured to accept the chief architect role; especially in a company like Blockstream, which to me is the ideal place to work on interesting and useful technology,” said Nahum. “I will continue to oversee our consumer products as well as some of our fast-growing enterprise products, as we bring our vision of trustless finance to the world.”

Liquid is coming soon to Bitfinex

One of Nahum’s first projects will be working with the team at Bitfinex to help bring Liquid capability to the popular exchange. Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino recently tweeted that he is already having “super-fun” playing with the Liquid sidechain.

Turr Demeester also welcomed the move as a milestone in the Bitcoin infrastructure phase.

Turr commented that “Bitcoin is expanding in two directions at the same time: into payments with Lightning Network, and into a robust grid for institutional settlements with innovations like the Liquid federated sidechain. IMO, this Bitfinex milestone is not insignificant.”

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