Legendary Bitcoin trader ActualAdviceBTC has passed away

There is devastating news to report in the cryptocurrency space this morning in light of the recent death of well-known Bitcoin trader, ActualAdviceBTC

Given that the ecosystem of cryptocurrency traders is mostly made up of 20-something males, it comes as a painful shock to write an obituary for a well-known figure in the space. Yesterday evening it was announced that Ben, known by the alias ActualAdviceBTC, had tragically passed away with it later being confirmed by a number of close friends on social media.

Tributes poured in for AABTC, who rose to popularity among crypto Twitter before, during and after the bull market of 2017.

Close friend Romano, known by the Twitter handle @RNR_0, recapped a various memories that highlighted Ben’s generosity and selflessness, while CryptoCobain wrote: “You truly changed my life. Thank you for being a friend and guiding me through crypto when I was new. I wouldn’t be here without you.”

Diana Biggs, who advises on emerging technology at Oxford University, added: “I lost someone I love today but crypto lost a legend. RIP Ben.” 

Even BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes commented on Ben’s passing by writing: “He was a true friend and a legend. Our magic internet money ecosystem won’t be the same without him. Much love.”

ActualAdviceBTC’s reputation within the cryptocurrency community grew immensely in April, 2018, when he documented position sizes upwards of $30 million on BitMEX before the market made a 15% move to the upside, earning himself a spot on the BitMEX leaderboard.

Ben then gave away two Bitcoins to a follower who made a jovial video replicating the recent events over a South Park clip.

Thousands of others paid tributes on social media as the tragic news continued to circulate, demonstrating what a meaningful and long-lasting impact he had on so many.

Rest in peace, Ben.

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