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Loopring announces series of new appointments

“It’s great to have our first ever CTO onboard and to further grow our developer team in China"

Shanghai, China. 3rd July, 2019 — Loopring, the open source protocol for building decentralised exchanges (DEXs), has announced the appointment of its first ever Chief Technology Officer, Steve Guo. The team has also expanded further with two new full-time backend developers, Yue Wang and Sheng Chen, all of whom are based in Shanghai, China.

The new appointments come at a critical point of development for Loopring, as the company introduces its protocol 3.0, using Zero-Knowledge Proofs for scalability and security of non-custodial exchanges. The protocol also enforces a minimum staking amount of LRC for creating an exchange and for being able to commit new blocks. As CTO, Guo will lead the effort on matching-engine and relayer engineering, optimisation of zkSNARK proof computation, as well as DEX product design and development.

Admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China at the age of 15 and graduating with a PhD in Computer Science in 2006, Guo’s stellar academic background is complemented by his significant industry experience with brand names such as Intel and Cheetah-Mobile, a public company listed on the NYSE.

As well as his software engineering and technology industry experience, Guo brings blockchain expertise to the team of Loopring, having founded blockchain start-up Dora Network, where he gained deep expertise in side-chains and cross-chain technology, and spearheaded Cheetah Mobile’s blockchain project, Contentos, which focused on video content sharing and publication.

Guo says: “I’m thrilled to join the Loopring team and to contribute to such an exciting and influential project in the blockchain space. Persistent hacks and data leaks from major crypto exchanges have emphasised the need for decentralised exchanges and highlighted that they represent the future for digital-asset management. As CTO at Loopring, I’ll be working alongside our dedicated developer team to focus on bringing high-performance ZKP based DEX solutions to the Ethereum ecosystem and enabling  DEX to become a real, tangible product for everyday use.”

Loopring’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Wang, comments: “It’s great to have our first ever CTO onboard and to further grow our developer team in China. At Loopring, the scalability, efficiency and infallibility of our technology is of paramount importance so it’s a huge boost  to have someone with Steve’s expertise and knowledge as part of the project. We look forward to increasing our operations and laying the foundations for the development of decentralized exchanges globally.”

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