Malta Delta Summit 2019 promises to be ‘the crown jewel of global tech events’

Malta Delta Summit 2019 will be one of the global tech events of the year, according to its executive chairman

The second edition of the Malta Delta Summit is set to take place in October this year and “promises the biggest names in tech, business, and blockchain”, according to its executive chairman.

Malta has become a blockchain hub over the past few years, and the country is continuing its blockchain drive with the second edition of the Malta Delta Summit.

The Delta Summit is Malta’s “official platform”, according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet, and will showcase Malta’s pioneering initiatives in the disruptive technology sector.

It is also backed by the Maltese government, and should help cement Malta’s global status as the “Blockchain Island”. The summit will expand further this year to focus on artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), esports, and game development.

The first Delta Summit back in 2018 attracted more than 4,000 visitors, with exhibitors including Binance, OKEx, Tim Draper, and Roger Ver to name a few.

For 2019, the Delta Summit organisers are aspiring to attract more than 8,000 attendees and are focused on bringing the most forward-looking entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors, service providers, and thought leaders to the summit.

Dr Abdalla Kablan, executive chairman of Delta Summit, commented: “The government of Malta is building something special here and we want Delta Summit to be the crown jewel of international tech events.

“Delta Summit is all-embracing: we want thought leaders, innovators, tech enthusiasts, fans, gamers, builders, coders, entrepreneurs, and pioneers from around the world to come to Malta and get involved in this movement.”

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