Malta sign joint declaration with six EU states to cooperate on blockchain technology

The Maltese government have spearheaded a joint declaration between six other EU member states to cooperate on blockchain and AI projects

The Maltese government have continued to make strides in the blockchain space, signing a joint declaration with six other EU member states to cooperate on blockchain and AI projects.

Dubbed the ‘Blockchain Island’, Malta is rapidly becoming a hub for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain related, with the likes of Binance signing a partnership agreement with the Maltese stock exchange.

They are now driving adoption among governments within the EU, with France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus all signing “a joint declaration on cooperation on blockchain AI technology”, an initiative led by the Maltese government.

Malta have been a prominent force in the regulation of the online gaming industry over the past decade, and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat believes they can replicate their progression within the blockchain space.

“In the same way that we came up with our regulation when it came to online gaming, we are trail blazers in all this,” Dr Muscat told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I think we can replicate this in this area too, where the EU will at the end of the day be doing what we are very much doing right here today.”

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