Malta to stage ‘biggest blockchain event in Europe’

The Malta Blockchain Summit, taking place on 1st-2nd November, will include a blockchain hackathon powered by CryptoFriends and involving a prize in Bitcoin equivalent to Euro 50,000. 

“With high-profile characters like the co-inventor of blockchain technology, W. Scott Stornetta, PhD, present at the summit, this hackathon provides a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with the blockchain elite,” the organisers say. With 5,000 people set to be attend, this will be the largest blockchain event in Europe, they add.

Participants can apply either as individuals or as teams. In the case of the latter, candidates will be grouped together with other individual applicants or with incomplete teams. Each team requires between four to six people and a team leader. Diverse capabilities are recommended, including Smart Contract Development, Web UX/UI Designer, Server & Client side Web Development, and Project Management.

The 20 participating teams will be mentored by experts from the blockchain community and the digital economy at large, including Mikhail Savchenko at Chronobank, Mihai Cimpoesu at Mattereum, Gege Gatt at Ebo, Dean Demellweek, and Joshua Ellul from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Malta.

To apply click here.

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