Mastercard poised to enter crypto space with new job posts

Mastercard has recently posted several job advertisements for positions regarding cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallets, and blockchain

Mastercard – one of the world’s largest credit card providers – is looking for cryptocurrency specialists to join its ranks after the company posted several job advertisements for crypto and blockchain-related roles.

The job advertisements can be found under the jobs section on Mastercard’s website.

There are three roles currently listed, which are:


While the company’s plans have not been confirmed, the advertisements suggest Mastercard could be poised to break into the cryptocurrency wallet space.

The director of product management for cryptocurrency wallets will be the “go-to” person for knowledge relating to cryptocurrencies for education, thought leadership, and product roadmaps.

The blockchain solutions architect role requires knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency relating to education and technical product knowledge.

Finally, the VP of product management for blockchain and crypto will help define the overall crypto and blockchain strategy for Mastercard.

Whoever lands the first two roles will be responsible for identifying innovative solution concepts that strategically align with Mastercard’s customers and partners.

The third role will entail leading a team of product managers in the ideation, definition, design, and development of blockchain solutions including wallet solutions.

Interestingly, Mastercard is one of the members of the Libra Association, who will oversee Facebook’s upcoming Libra project.

Mastercard is listed with several other major global companies who together will work on finalising the Association’s charter.

It is not yet clear whether Mastercard’s recent job advertisements relate to Libra or if Mastercard is simply looking to break into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space on its own.

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