Meet Maya Kumar: London girl leading Luno’s new digital revolution in Dublin

Maya Kumar grew up in London and in 2007 completed with honours a BA in Politics and, prior to joining Luno, she held positions involving European politics and global finance and asset management.

Currently, the digital currency platform is expanding into Ireland, where various other global companies are also increasing their presence as they view the country as an important financial centre in Europe.

Luno claims to be the easiest place to safely buy and sell cryptocurrency as well as securely store these assets. Kumar spoke about the company with, commenting: “Money has always evolved, from bartering to gold, to cash backed by gold, to centrally issued currency. Today, the way people think and use money is changing fast.”

She added: “Blockchain is at its core about integrity. If the chain breaks, there goes the integrity.”

Digital currencies are “enabling us to reimagine the financial system, leveraging efficient technology to upgrade the world to something better: money that is cheaper, faster and safer; private yet transparent; interoperable and programmable; and with open and equal access for everyone.”

And she continued, “we believe currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are allowing money to catch up with other technology evolutions.”

Kumar explained her role in Dublin: “As the head of Ireland, I am keen to build an engaged community here who are able to speak to us on the ground, developing an open channel of communication between Luno and the Irish population. We want to hear the views of users or prospective users and take on real feedback that can better localise the product for Irish people.”

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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