MediConnect form partnership to build medical supply chain platform

Dexter Blackstock's MediConnect has partnered with Rishabh Software to build its new medical supply chain platform covering PPE and pharmaceuticals

Blockchain-based medical supply chain company MediConnect has signed a partnership with enterprise application software development firm, Rishabh Software.

The partnership will see the two companies build a pilot for its healthcare platform, which will manage the supply chain for ordering personal protective equipment (PPE).

The platform will reliably trace the source of manufactured goods to prevent the distribution of counterfeit PPE and other pharmaceutical products, while ensuring that demand is met by streamlining the different types of workflow events and documentations.

The importance of PPE has been particularly relevant this year in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has locked down the majority of the developed world since February.

With the new partnership, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, key workers and patients will use Mediconnect to securely share end-to-end transaction records, which are verified and transacted using MEDI tokens.

It will consist of a web-based front-end, in both desktop and mobile, with APIs to write and retrieve data from the Stratis blockchain and execute smart contracts on the Stratis Full Node.

MediConnect is spearheaded by former Nottingham Forest footballer Dexter Blackstock, who was interviewed by Coin Rivet in 2018.

The 34-year old CEO said: “Having established a network of industry and NHS partners, we are thrilled to now be building our pioneering platform to manage and authenticate medical products,

“Rishabh Software are global specialists in software development with a track record of building commercially successful healthcare solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to blue-chips. We look forward to a fruitful relationship and working together to launch a live platform as soon as possible.”

Rajendra Shah, CEO of Rishabh Software, added:We’re excited to collaborate with MediConnect, a healthcare innovator which is leveraging the Stratis blockchain platform and our technology to revolutionise the healthcare supply chain eco-system.”

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