MixMarvel’s new game ‘Epic Dragons’ released on TRON

MixMarvel's newest game, Epic Dragons, has been released on TRON and has already become the second most popular dApp game across all public blockchains

Epic Dragons, a new game developed by MixMarvel, was released on TRON over the weekend and has already become the second most popular dApp game currently on the market.

MixMarvel is a community and content sharing platform that enables the creation of games and other content on blockchains. They offer a selection of games and development toolkits with a lot of player-created content added regularly. MixMarvel is best known for creating popular game HyperDragons as an Ethereum dApp.

MixMarvel has now partnered with TRON Arcade for the release of Epic Dragons. A tweet from TRON Arcade reveals: “We are happy to announce top ETH dApp creator of HyperDragons @MixMarvelGAME has released Epic Dragons on TRON over the weekend, which is now ranked #2 across all Gaming dApps according to @Dappradar.”

TRON Arcade is a gaming investment fund. Their aim is to build the foundation for a robust blockchain gaming ecosystem.

To play the game, users must first register by either paying some TRX (TRON’s cryptocurrency) or by inviting a friend to join the game. The latter method allows users to play for free. By paying a fee of 200 TRX, users can unlock more ‘champions’ to play with.

In the last 24 hours, the game has had a volume of 748,000 TRX across 3,800 users.

Currently, the only game ranked above it in terms of popularity is EOS’ game EOS Knights.

MixMarvel’s Twitter promises a “plethora of new exciting games titles developed or published by MixMarvel coming soon.”

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