MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit adds new speakers

“This summit, with its abundance of high calibre participants, will help people keep abreast of what is happening in the rapidly evolving crypto and blockchain space,” says Matthew Collom of MJAC. “Delegates can expect to see both a retail and institutional focus and witness the crucial issues being hotly debated"

Obi Nwosu, CEO of Coinfloor, and Nick Chong of Liquid by Quoine, will be delivering the two keynote speeches at the MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit, set to take place on 30th November.

Claire Wells and Marieke Flament from crypto finance company Circle will be having a fireside chat where they will discuss Opportunities and Threats for the Tokenisation of Everything. Iqbal V. Gandham of eToro will be asking will STOs replace IPOs? during his address and Steve Swain, CEO of Lendingblock, will be on stage discussing how securities lending will lead to the institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies.

David Fauchier, CEO/CIO at Cambrial, will be discussing the state of crypto funds: challenges, opportunities, what next? And Saar Levi, CEDEX CEO will be looking at the tokenization of new assets classes and what this means for the financial markets.

The schedule includes a number of panel discussions. Edd Carlton of BlockEx will be joined by Marina Titova from NKB Group, Amir Ness of Elevate Group and Joseph-Daniel Millwood of Coinbase to discuss: Crypto and how it has evolved as an asset class over 2018.

A regulatory panel siscussion, moderated by Teana Baker-Taylor, Advisory Council at Global Digital Finance, will be comprised of Dan Morgan from Ripple, Bryony Widdup of DLA Piper and Ruth Wandhöfer of Coinfirm. An institutional trading in the crypto market panel includes moderator Simon Taylor of 11:FS, who will be joined by Ryan Radloff, CEO of CoinShares; Hansen Wang of Melonport, Lucas Friss from Cumberland and Martin Hoffgen of Elation Capital.

The ICO section of the agenda, meanwhile, will see presentations from Gigzi, Creative 3D Web and PowerSnooker; the latter being presented by Dean Christy, PowerSnooker Ambassador and former Head of Corporate Governance at Prudential. 

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