MOBOX surges 50% in 24 hours

The NFT gaming ecosystem is built on the Binance Smart Chain and recently launched its 'MOMOverse'

MOBOX has exploded in the last 24 hours, amassing a trading volume of 51% and a remarkable 185% over the last two weeks.

The project is the world’s first fair launch optimised yield farming and NFT platform that combines DeFI and gaming NFTs in a free-to-play, play-to-earn ecosystem.

Its token – MBOX – has been heating up of late since the announcement of its ‘MOMOverse’ – an avatar-based play-to-earn daily quest system.

The platform provides various games for its users to take part in as well as being able to stake in liquidity pools or use ‘MOMO’ NFTs to earn rewards paid in MBOX tokens with aims to connect each metaverse through NFTS.

MOMO NFT mystery boxes is rewarded to users who stake their MBOX tokens – an incentive the platform created to compel its users to hold its tokens.

MOBOX took to Twitter to update its followers on the success of the MOMOverse with 100k ‘residents’ joining in just four hours.

Just eight hours later, one million had joined the MOMOverse.

Future plans for the MOBOX team include creating legendary NFTs for eSports players as well as a revamp of cross-chain yield farming set to occur in early 2022.

Token holders will be given the opportunity to vote on NFTs and games that is to be released in the future.


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