Modern blockchain quotes are rubbish, John McAfee

Industry players "need to ratchet up their bland, colourless public comments"

Coin Rivet recently started running a weekly article which rounds up incisive crypto/blockchain quotes.

This has proved to be extremely popular with our readers. There has, however, been a dissenting voice, that of, ahem, colourful crypto advocate John McAfee.

What do you reckon, dear readers? Do industry players “need to ratchet up their bland, colourless public comments”? Answers on a postcard, please, to Coin Rivet Towers. Or leave a comment in the section below (whichever is easier).

Oh, and don’t miss the latest edition of ‘The blockchain/crypto week in quotes’, which lands on our site tomorrow. It’s something to do on a rainy Sunday, if nothing else.

“Brilliant, effective, creative, diabolical”

In other John McAfee news, the big man has taken to Twitter to introduce the campaign manager for his planned 2020 presidential run. With this guy involved, how could he possibly lose?


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