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Multiven and Eterbase seal strategic cyber-defence alliance

“It is great to have Eterbase as a strategic partner and we look forward to a mutually successful future together"

PARIS, FRANCE and VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN, 16th November 2018 – Multiven has today announced that Eterbase digital asset exchange has joined its B-Fence programme.

The agreement will see Eterbase harden its cyber-defences and infrastructure via Multiven’s specially-devised cyber-defence platform for Bitcoin nodes and their internet gateway routers. The B-Fence programme, a world first, is aimed at preventing cyberthefts, which are increasing in number as more investment is ploughed into cryptocurrencies.

Multiven is the primary leader in crypto-security with the B-Fence, which is an early warning system that alerts Multiven’s team of internet engineering experts, security researchers and cryptographers of cyberattacks against the global Bitcoin node network.

Led by CEO Peter Alfred-Adekeye, Multiven’s intricate and expert knowledge of the IT software and hardware field places them in prime position to lead this crusade against cyberattacks. The company wants to enhance security for the sector but it has added relevance as Multiven has launched its own cryptocurrency – the Multicoin (MTCN) – as part of its development of the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM). The MOM will be the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $3 trillion Information Technology products and services industry.

As part of the strategic alliance, Eterbase will also play a pivotal role by investing in the MOM and listing Multiven’s Multicoin tokens on its exchange.

“It is great to have Eterbase as a strategic partner and we look forward to a mutually successful future together,” said Alfred-Adekeye. “Their investment in the ICO sends out a strong message of their belief in the MOM, while securing their digital asset exchange from cyberattacks is of primary importance to us and other cryptocurrency investors given they are on the increase.”

Robert Auxt, co-founder and business leader of Liechtenstein-based Eterbase said: “The business is thrilled to have Multiven on board and look forward to facilitating them on our exchange over the coming months and years, as they embody the type of project we want to see on our exchange.”

“With many exchanges choosing to operate in what some would call the ‘wild west’ where there are no regulations, Multiven has recognised that Eterbase prides itself on being the first regulation-compliant cryptocurrency exchange in Europe and that we can offer a level of service seldom found elsewhere.

“As the pioneers of the first blockchain-based marketplace for the global IT products and services industry with clients such as Pepsi, McAfee, and IKEA, it also shows the high level Multiven operating at, which offers significant assurance and confidence.”

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