Must I paint you a crypto picture about the way that I feel?

“Cryptocurrencies and blockchain directly and positively impact artists, collectors and galleries alike”

With Bitcoin celebrating its 10th anniversary on 31st October, Thomas Crown Art is merging the worlds of art and crypto in pieces from various artists and street artists that “capture a growing revolution.”

Thomas Crown Art’s Stephen Howes comments: “Bitcoin has been truly transformative and is responsible for possibly the largest shake-up to the financial system in 100 years. It began what history will teach us will be as influential a revolution as the internet was in the mid to late 1990s.”

“The future of money is, undeniably, digital and decentralised. Whoever thinks that we will still be using mainly traditional, not digital, money in the next decade is kidding themselves.”

Artists, he observes, have always been inspired by revolutions and by ideas that disrupt convention. “This series of crypto mixed media art captures the revolution. It highlights the disruptive element, the enormous positives, as well as the yet still unrealised potential that this fundamental shift from fiat to digital currencies offers.”

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain directly and positively impact artists, collectors and galleries alike, he argues. It allows for the provenance data to be recorded on an immutable, decentralised ledger and enables the artworks themselves to be tokenized for them to be traded.

He concludes: “As Bitcoin goes into its second decade, and as cryptocurrencies become ever more mainstream, this will undoubtedly be further reflected in the world of art.”

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