NBA owner Mark Cuban doubles down on Dogecoin

The Dallas Mavericks owner says more people are using Dogecoin to buy merchandise ahead of the new season

Dallas Mavericks owner and cryptocurrency enthusiast Mark Cuban has again demonstrated his commitment to Dogecoin by purchasing more of the crypto.

Cuban spoke to Fox Business last night and revealed that more people are using Dogecoin to buy Dallas Mavericks merchandise, and he expects the number to increase once the NBA season begins on October 19.

This is welcome news for Cuban as his franchise became the first sports team to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment back in March of this year.

The Mavericks were already accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment for tickets and merchandise for almost two years.

The billionaire owner has called Bitcoin “a great alternative to a store of value” and says that cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform the future.

Billy Markus, Dogecoin co-founder, has publicly supported Cuban’s usage of crypto.

NBA crypto exploration

Cuban has popularised the usage of cryptocurrency into the NBA as multiple franchises have now made moves in the industry.

However, Vivek Ranadivé, owner of the Sacramento Kings, made the first move as back in 2014 when he introduced Bitcoin as a form of payment for fans and, in 2021, said all staff including players can choose to get paid in Bitcoin.

The Portland Trailblazers became the first NBA team to sign a deal to feature a crypto company patch on the sleeve of their jerseys, with StormX becoming a new sponsor.

The franchise was followed by the Philadelphia 76ers who signed a sponsorship deal with to feature its logo on their sleeves.

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