New blockchain book: Investigating Cryptocurrencies

It’s an essential guide to the tools and techniques of cryptocurrency forensics, don’t you know

Wiley has released Investigating Cryptocurrencies: Understanding, Extracting and Analysing Blockchain Evidence, written by cybersecurity and forensics expert Nick Furneaux and pitched as the first book to help corporate, law enforcement and other investigators understand the technical concepts and the techniques for investigating crimes utilising the blockchain and related digital currencies.

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Linking the familiar investigative workflow with essential tools and techniques that are specific to cryptocurrency forensics, Furneaux has compiled a complete playbook for all major stages of an investigation. Topics discussed include cryptocurrency detection, blockchain visualisation, address and transaction extraction and micromessage detection.

The title will help readers:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of blockchain and transaction technologies
  • Set up and run a cryptocurrency account
  • Access raw data on blockchain ledgers
  • Track transactions and build information on specific addresses
  • Identify the real-world users behind a transaction
  • Understand “coin” seizure methodology
  • Use appropriate technology and techniques during investigations


Real world tools and techniques give readers insight into the practices used by criminals. And, with cryptocurrencies rapidly advancing into the mainstream and bringing outside crime into the cybersecurity realm, Investigating Cryptocurrencies provides the critical information that forensics professionals need to remain effective as currency moves online.


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