New decentralised exchange launches on the Tron (TRX) network

Decentralised exchange TRX.Market has launched on the Tron network, becoming the first decentralised exchange to offer trading of TRC20 tokens

A new decentralised exchange was launched on the Tron network today, as confirmed by the TRX.Market team on Twitter.

TRX.Market is a decentralised exchange that allows trading of TRC20 tokens, with three trading pairs being listed on the first day. Tronscan is another exchange on the network, but they only enable trading for TRC10 standard tokens.

The team wrote on Twitter: “Breaking news! #TRXMarket the first ever decentralized exchange of TRC20 token based on #TRON was launched at 04:00 (UTC) on Dec 12. We’ve listed #BET #FUN and #GOC today. $TRX #TRON Get started to trade on #TRXMarket!”

Users who want to use the platform will need to use their TronLink account. It’s also worth noting that if developers want to list their tokens on the exchange, they will need to fill out an application form.

The team behind TRX.Market are based in Malta while the company is registered in the Cayman Islands, making it well positioned in terms of compliance and regulation.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance also announced their own decentralised exchange last week, offering rapid transaction times and a well-designed user interface.

The crypto ecosystem has been calling out for a liquid decentralised exchange since the turn of the year. The two largest DEXs, EtherDelta and Idex, suffered teething problems in 2018, with the former’s founder being charged by the SEC, while Idex made it obligatory for customers to undergo KYC procedures.

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