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New music Metaverse CyberLive Launches

CyberLive aims to reinvent the live music experience in the Metaverse

CyberLive is here to change the future of live online entertainment. Its unique CyberLive Coin ($CYLIV) is a utility token investment coin and exclusive currency for all transactions within the entire CyberLive platform. 

CyberLive has been designed to bridge the gap between in real life concert experiences and those experienced online. It aims to break down the glass barriers between artists and fans with its innovative, new and immersive internet platform which uses blockchain technology to reinvent concert experiences in a Metaverse and physical space. Inside CyberLive, audiences are no longer just spectators. Real artists, real people and 3D avatars mix together and become an active part of each show by influencing the course of the event through unique interactive features.

CyberLive was carefully designed to meet the needs of the internal ecosystem and investors and as well as receiving rewards for holding CYLIV, users are entitled to exclusive access to purchase additional platform features, mint and trade NFTs, trade land/space and other unique experiences not available on other platforms. Artists, promoters and creators can also use CYLIV to monetize their own events, products and services on a global scale.

$CYLIV holders can use their tokens to purchase platform features and digital goods unavailable for other currencies such as concert tickets, entering the CyberLive Metaverse were they can then bid, buy and sell land and properties as well as mint, buy and sell NFTs and digital assets at Marketplace, run a business in the Metaverse and earn money, participate in NFT crowd investing and much more, Meanwhile, rewards for $CYLIV holders include staking rewards and exclusive concerts, DJ sets, visual content and tracks with top artists as well as limited NFT collections.

CyberLive is set to launch later in 2022 and change the world of online entertainment forever.

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