New Visa card runs on Ethereum

London-based venture looks to provide "a life on Ethereum" with new card now available on the iOS App Store

Ethereum-powered banking alternative TokenCard has launched in the UK and most of Europe.

Available on the iOS App Store, TokenCard claims to be “the first ever Ethereum-powered banking alternative”.

The premise behind the project is to allow users to live their life on Ethereum by storing, sending, and receiving assets through a decentralised contract wallet and then using the host’s Visa card for everyday purchases.

According to the new venture’s CEO – Mel Gelderman – because TokenCard is a non-custodial, fully decentralised, self-sovereign banking alternative powered by Ethereum, it puts the users firmly in control of their finances.

“This is an opportunity for early adopters and crypto enthusiasts who want to make living a ‘tokenised’ life away from big banks and corporations a reality,” he said.


“Compared to other crypto card or wallet providers, TokenCard makes daily token spending and storing really easy, accessible, and secure without compromising on decentralisation.

“TokenCard will never touch user assets – they are theirs and theirs alone.”

The London-based project is even offering 15 DAI (worth about $15) to the first 1,000 users who sign up to As well as the incentive for new customers, existing users are in for a windfall too – a reward of 50 TKN.

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