Next Apex Legends character rumoured to be called ‘Crypto’

Rumours are suggesting that the next Apex Legend will be called 'Crypto', and his abilities will be focused on hacking

A new playable character in popular battle royale game Apex Legends is rumoured to be called ‘Crypto’, and his abilities will be focused on hacking.

Earlier this year, Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm. Within three days of its launch, the game became a phenomenon, generating 10 million active players a day with as many as two million people playing at once on a weekend.

Last week, the development studio launched ‘Season 2’ with the release of a new Legend called ‘Wattson’, though eagle-eyed fans believe they have spotted the next Legend in the Season 2 trailer.

To add merit to fan speculation, people have been data mining the game in an attempt to discover which Legend will be released next, and leaks from these miners seem to align with the figure teased in the trailer.

The new Legend is rumoured to be called ‘Crypto‘. Crypto will have a laptop which he will use for hacking purposes – an ability which is confirmed in the trailer.

The figure in the trailer uses a laptop to blow up a ‘Repulsor Station’, perhaps instigating the start of Season 2.

Further support for the theory lies in the fact that the data miners unearthed the possibility of ‘Crypto’ before the release of ‘Octane’ (who was released in Season One) and ‘Wattson’ (who has just been released), both of whom were leaked before their respective releases.

Apex Legends has already alluded to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with one of its other Legends called ‘Lifeline’, who has a skin called ‘blockchain revolution‘.

Fortnite accidentally started accepting Monero payments

This isn’t the first time a massively popular battle royale game has been in the cryptocurrency news. Earlier this year, Coin Rivet reported on how Fortnite had seemingly begun accepting Monero payments on its merchandise store.

This was swiftly refuted by Epic Games – the developer behind Fortnite – claiming the entire ordeal was “accidental“.

While extreme volatility exists within the cryptocurrency markets, it is hard to believe mainstream games will accept it as a form of payment just yet. Though having references to blockchain and crypto appear in such popular titles is still promising.

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