NFL star Russell Okung to host Bitcoin meetup in September

LA Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung is set to host a meetup for Bitcoin beginners in Los Angeles next month

NFL star Russell Okung has announced he will be hosting a meetup for Bitcoin beginners in Los Angeles next month.

The LA Chargers offensive tackle is no stranger when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and is vocal about his passion for it.

Okung recently tweeted: “I will be hosting a one-day event Sunday, September 1 in LA for Bitcoin rookies. I’m excited to jump in more personally to help advance efforts for mainstream adoption.”

In a separate tweet, he noted: “I’ve heard from so many people who express interest in Bitcoin, only to quickly give up after getting lost down the technical rabbit trails or widespread misinformation. Take it from me: this is the most costly kind of false start.”

The details are still being finalised for the event, though Okung has urged Bitcoiners to save the date with the message: “Let’s help people stack sats!”

Russell Okung has made no secret of his love for Bitcoin in the past, having previously posted a message on social media asking for people to pay him in Bitcoin.

Okung is not the only NFL player to speak out in support of Bitcoin either. Earlier this year, it was revealed that NFL quarterback Matt Barkley attempted to get the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals to each pay his contracts in Bitcoin.

Back in May, Barkley tweeted: “Need to get NFL teams and college endowments into crypto.”

It is positive to see more and more sports stars coming out and endorsing cryptocurrency, as it brings greater global awareness to people who otherwise might never have heard about it.

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