NFT aggregator Genie is now enabling batch buys and sells on popular NFTs

The platform launch means users can now buy and sell multiple NFTs from their favourite collections in one transaction

NFT marketplace aggregator Genie has gone live to bring collectors a more efficient and cost-effective method to buy and sell multiple NFTs in one transaction.

Using Genie, users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs across all major marketplaces in a single transaction  via ERC-721 support on OpenSea, Rarible, NFTX and NFT20. ERC-1155 support will be implemented next week.

Having undergone extensive beta testing since August, Genie Swap registered 631 users to the platform in that time, completed over 1,600 transactions and handled 5,500 ETH in total volume.

According to the platform, users can expect multiple benefits when using Genie, which include ‘batch buy and sells’ in a single transaction, savings on gas costs when utilising the batch feature and more efficient routing when completing trades.

Genie is also rolling out ‘Genie List’ – a feature that allows users to ‘batch list’ multiple NFTs on one or more marketplaces simultaneously. The platform will initially offer support for OpenSea and Rarible, with Coinbase support coming soon.

The first major purchase using Genie was completed yesterday by Wave Financial’s new NFT fund, dubbed ‘non-fungible fund‘.

The purchase was for 20 ‘Cool Cats‘ NFTs, an estimated $1m investment according to a tweet from the fund.

NFF added in a follow-up tweet that “We like the cats” – and it appears that the rest of the NFT community does too.

Cool Cats has recovered strongly following declining volume figures on OpenSea and looks set to climb back to former glory at a 10 ETH floor price and beyond as the NFT continues to mature.



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