NFT Collection Launches To Celebrate Black Women In Tech

On Thursday 27th of October, a range of NFTs is being launched to celebrate the prominence of black women in tech.

Launched by the group, Global Tech Advocates, Black Women in Tech (GTA BWIT), the collection is a creative vision of what they envision for the future of technology – with leading black women of the future in an advanced tech world. The artwork is created by the founder of GTA BWIT, Flavilla Fongang, after she faced her own fair share of challenges and issues during her career.

“The artwork depicts our black women in various roles and personalities,” said Flavilla. “From the finest moment of them girl-bossing, to living an adventurous exciting life in engineering, or being the entrepreneur she was destined to be.

“We created this creative collective to also find a way to support 10 individuals with their dreams and aspirations. Everything we do with BWIT is to support the growth and development of young girls and demonstrate that a career and future within tech is possible.” 

The collection will be launched exclusively on Deliciae at midnight on Thursday 27th October. The 10 NFTs are launched in conjunction with a BWIT festival, showcasing the release of a new book ‘The Voices in the Shadow’. Following on from the immense success of version 1 of the book last year, version 2 includes stories from 51 black women in tech.

To find out more about the collection, please visit

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