NFT collector swoops 21 CryptoPunks in $4.4m spending spree

The collector, 9x9x9, used an NFT aggregator called to purchase all 21 punks in one transaction

An NFT collector has purchased 21 CryptoPunks in a massive ‘floor sweep’ that cost an estimated $4.4 million (1683 ETH).

The buyer – infamous NFT collector ‘9x9x9‘ – purchased the 21 CryptoPunks through an NFT aggregation service called, which allowed them to save on gas fees and complete the purchase of multiple CryptoPunks in one transaction.

Following the purchase, 9x9x9 took to Twitter and said that his purchase was a “DCA in Punks” – implying that they plan to ‘dollar-cost average‘ into the collection over time and add to their already 47-strong collection of Punks.

The collector, 9x9x9, today purchased 21 CryptoPunks for an estimated $4.4 million

The collector also took to Discord to discuss a potential buyout of CryptoPunks creator and parent company Larva Labs, saying that they’re “seriously interested in all the bags they hold“.

Despite struggling in recent months to match the popularity of newer NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles, today’s $4.4m ‘sweep’ now follows a record-breaking $10m purchase in December and a $2.9m ‘Zombie’ Punk purchase from MoonPay earlier this month.

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