NiftyFootball sells 1,000 genesis cards in just four hours

The first 1,000 cards sold by NiftyFootball will be turned into genesis cards, and the company has maxed out the genesis card quota in just four hours and 19 minutes

NiftyFootball, an Ethereum-based football collectibles platform, has managed to sell all of its 1,000 genesis cards in just fours hours and 19 minutes.

BlockRocket released NiftyFootball earlier this week in collaboration with acclaimed Manchester-based artist Stanley Chow and multinational brewery chain BrewDog. The team behind BlockRocket also created KnownOrigin, CryptoKaiju, and BlockCities.

NiftyFootball is a football trading card collectibles game that provides provably scarce digital cards for purchase – each of which has been illustrated by Stanley Chow.

The game utilises the ERC-721 standard, which has been popularised by other blockchain-based games such as CryptoKitties.

The NiftyFootball team has announced on Twitter that it has sold out of its 1,000 genesis cards in just four hours and 19 minutes.

The team stated that the first 1,000 cards to be sold upon the game’s release will be made into exclusive genesis edition cards. In turn, this enables each genesis card to be uniquely identifiable – adding additional value.

Each unique card has its own traits and attributes which affect digital scarcity and gameplay. The traits and attributes will range from player nationality, player kits, and ratings for specific attributes.

The player cards are sold in blind packs of three which are randomly generated. There are also discounts on offer for users who purchase large quantities of cards.

Once players have started to assemble their team, they will be able to view their squad inside of the NiftyFootball app or any compatible wallet. When viewing their team, they will be able to see where stats can be improved and customise the team name. They will also be able to see how their team ranks compared to the existing card pool.

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