North Korean rebels sell blockchain visas for visits once Kim Jong-un is overthrown

A total of 200,000 of the G-Visas have been issued

A North Korean dissident group is selling ‘post-liberation blockchain visas’ to visit the country after tyrant Kim Jong-un is overthrown.

Cheollima Civil Defense (CCD) is issuing 200,000 G-Visas to visit Free Joseon – the name the group has chosen for the Stalinist nation post-liberation.

At time of publication, 64 of the visas have been sold for one Ethereum ($135) for a total of around $8,640.

CCD today announced that traffic is exceeding the expected capacity and the visas will go on sale once they have updated their infrastructure.

A statement on the website reads: “To this day, tens of millions of comrades remain powerless slaves of a fallen regime.

“We declare the establishment of Free Joseon.

“This interim government establishes the basis for building a country that respects human rights and humanitarianism and respects the honour and dignity of all women, men, and children.

“This government is a single and just organisation representing the people of North Korea.”


Earlier this month, CCD allegedly broke into Madrid’s North Korean embassy, reports the Washington Post.

A group of masked intruders reportedly tied up eight staff and held them hostage for two hours before taking mobile phones and computers and escaping.

According to Amnesty International, North Korea is one of the most oppressive societies in the world.

Torture, forced abortions, and murder are reportedly frequently committed by the state, and up to 120,000 people are detained in political prison camps.

Restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of movement are severe.

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