Nouriel Roubini hits out at BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes following crypto debate

Hayes, he claims, is the "biggest jerk in the world"

Everyone’s favourite crypto hater Nouriel Roubini is threatening to sue BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes after the pair took part in a debate in Taiwan.

The notoriously grumpy New York University economics professor is mad at Hayes for releasing a “doctored edited highlights video of the debate” to select media organisations.

According to Roubini, the video makes him “look bad”. Hayes, he claims, is the “biggest asshole, jerk, manipulator and criminal in the world”.

‘So arrogant’

Earlier this year, Roubini labelled those involved in the crypto space as “total zealots and fanatics”.

In an interview conducted by the CFA Institute, he said that “the whole crypto space is one of assets that are not really money. They’re not really a currency. They’re not a scalable means of payment. They’re not stable in terms of a store of value”.

He added: “I engage on Twitter and I also have attended many of these crypto or blockchain conferences. I met some of these individuals, and I must say I’ve never seen in my life people who are so arrogant in their views, who are total zealots and fanatics about this new asset class.”

UPDATE: BitMEX has just added this to its Twitter account. Enjoy!

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