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Nym Delivers First-Ever Open Sourced Mixnet Explorer & Complementary Desktop Wallet

Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 10th November, 2021,

Privacy startup Nym, the platform that knits together multiple privacy technologies into networked nodes, today launched its desktop wallet for mixnodes. At the same time, the platform has also announced that its mixnet explorer is now open sourced.

The Nym Desktop Wallet will serve as the primary gateway for users who want to participate in running nodes within Nym’s decentralized privacy ecosystem. It isn’t meant to be an all-purpose digital wallet, and will only support the platform’s native NYM token. Wallet users can run mixnodes as well as hold, bond, and delegate testnet and NYM tokens to earn additional rewards. However, in the future, the desktop wallet will also allow users to purchase bandwidth credentials to send their internet traffic into the world’s first open sourced mixnet explorer.

Nym CEO Harry Halpin notes, “This wallet shows we at Nym are serious about supporting people who contribute their computational power to mixing. While this wallet only supports the native NYM token, we are planning user-facing wallets that support Bitcoin and Liquid.”

In addition to the launch of the desktop wallet, Nym also announced the launch of the world’s first open sourced mixnet explorer. With the mixnet explorer, the Nym team inches closer towards their mission of facilitating delegation while ensuring transparency and security on the mixnet. By design, the Nym mixnet obscures all metadata that are left behind when data passes through a network, making it impossible for anyone to monitor network traffic to see who’s communicating with whom.

As the mixnet explorer is now open sourced, it will play the crucial role of helping Nym advance its ethos of “privacy for end users, transparency for the infrastructure.” The open sourced nature of the mixnet explorer allows for peer-to-peer security and performance audits of individual nodes and the overall infrastructure, further strengthening the Nym ecosystem.

About Nym

Founded in 2018 by a group of researchers and programmers experienced in privacy-enhancing tech, Nym provides the infrastructure that offers full-fledged privacy to personal data. It’s open-source, permissionless, incentivized, and decentralized platform prevents metadata surveillance at a network level (mixnet) and eliminates authentication and payment (credentials) monitoring.


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