OKEx COO Andy Cheung resigns to launch BitWork

Andy Cheung, former chief operating officer of crypto exchange OKEx, has departed to launch a blockchain consultancy institute called BitWork

Andy Cheung has resigned from his role as chief operating officer at cryptocurrency exchange OKEx to launch a blockchain consultancy institute called BitWork.

BitWork will offer a number of marketing and event management services to crypto and blockchain projects.

“My goal is to drive cryptocurrency adoption. But my contribution can be very limited in a cryptocurrency exchange. I decided, and we agreed amicably, that I can better achieve my goals with a new venture,” said Cheung.

“Still, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have served OKEx.”

The new BitWork chief had been in his previous role since OKEx’s launch. He oversaw the smooth running of operations, marketing, and public relations for the company.

Prior to being named OKEx’s COO, he was a seasoned entrepreneur and worked with a number of large corporations such as Groupon Hong Kong, iClick Interactive, and Alibaba.

BitWork will endeavour to help companies find the right solutions to their marketing and business growth needs.

The start-up consultancy will be launched and operated in Hong Kong and is made up of an array of industry veterans deriving from different cryptocurrency exchanges.

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